Sprinter 12.53 unable to take snapshot within the defect details (creation) window
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We are using Sprinter 12.53 along with ALM 12.53. When creating a defect via Sprinter during a test run with a failure, I can pull in the Sprinter snapshot taken at the time of the step failure. However in the new defect window from ALM, if you try to create a snapshot at there, you get the window to grab or crop view. When you take the "shot" we receive an error. See below.

![alt text][1]

[1]: /storage/temp/500-screencaperror.png

If you click OK, no snapshot is saved to the defect. I did notice I can add a snapshot to ALM once the defect is saved via ALM directly. Would be nice to save though at the new defect creation point versus having to go back and edit the already saved defect in ALM client.

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Asked on October 26, 2016 9:07 pm
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This is a known issue that HP is actively working to correct. It only is a factor with ALM 12.53 and would seem to come up for any supported version of Sprinter that works with ALM 12.53. Issue is on the ALM side of the equation given the new defect pop up for the smart defect does come from the ALM side of this equation.

This should be corrected in a forthcoming patch for ALM. Do not yet have details or a QCCR as the issue has gone to internal R&D for correction.

For now, can try a few of workarounds.

1. Enter the defect without taking a snapshot. Can then open ALM client and open the defect. At this point should be able to take a snapshot from the ALM client defect details window. This might take a little wrangling though to be able to get the right shot of your issue with the ALM client open along with Sprinter.
2. Could try a third party snap shot application to take a shot at the time you see your issue and before you start the defect creation. Can save the shot and later go upload it as an attachment to the defect from ALM client.
3. This would seem the best method. As you are already in Sprinter, take a snapshot for the Actual Result of the failed active step. Sprinter can let you add shots and notes to the Active Result field for the current step. If you save a snapshot here, and then do a ''smart defect'' to create your defect, there the smart defect pop up window has an option to use the snapshot from the Actual Result. If you select that, when the new defect ALM window opens from Sprinter, the snapshot will be there. This shot will only be from the application under test and not of anything else in your desktop. Usually that should be fine but your mileage may vary on if you need a third party tool to add more details.

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Answered on October 26, 2016 9:19 pm
Thank you for the details and the workaround tips. I will have to examine method 3 as I have not typically used the actual result details for Sprinter to add a shot.
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