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i’m using Sprinter 11.52, ALM 11.00, and UFT 11.52 , and i have many messages error that appear when i’m using Sprinter the first error is :"an error has occured and sprinter needs to close, unable to decrypt the value "XXXXXXXXX" , the second error is " sprinter could not open a test , HP ALM reported an unspecified error

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Asked on March 11, 2015 9:19 am
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What patch are you for your ALM 11.0? Just asking as if on 17 or higher, you could upgrade to Sprinter 12.01 (and would have to upgrade UFT as well).

For issue number one, you need to get patch 25 for Sprinter 11.52. This patch has a fix for the decryption error. That one is typically LDAP related, so guessing you might use LDAP authentication for ALM.

For issue number 2, this could be due to a few things. One is to check permissions.
See this post for exact required user permissions for the ALM user group:

[1]: http://eyeontesting.com/questions/8446/user-group-permissions-required-for-sprinter.html

If user group permissions in ALM check out, suggest you try the following. Uninstall Sprinter. Ensure UAC is turned off, and then reinstall Sprinter with an admin account. Often the ''unspecified error'' issues related to non admin install and UAC blocking parts of the install.

If you do the reinstall, as Michaeldx mentions, you will then have to go about repairing UFT. UFT and Sprinter use many of the same client components so it can be tricky to get both working well on the same computer.

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Answered on August 14, 2015 12:16 pm
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Try running a repair on Sprinter. If UFT was installed after Sprinter, it messed up some files. The readme files state, in regards to machines with both Sprinter and UFT installed,

> Any changes to the installation of one
> of these products will affect the
> other. If you uninstall, modify, or
> upgrade one product, the other may
> fail. You will need to repair the
> installation of the affected product.

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Answered on August 13, 2015 11:44 pm

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