Unsupported Configuration error appears while launching HP ALM on Windows Server 2012?
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Have recently installed HP ALM 11.52 patch 3 on a Windows 2012 Server. When we try to launch the client from the browser we receive the above error about it being an unsupported configuration and then it goes on to list Windows versions verying from Windows XP-8.1 as supported versions and the IE 8-11 as supported browsers.

We are running IE 11. IS there a workaround for this?

Thanks, HomerJ

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Asked on March 11, 2015 3:33 pm
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Hi HomerJ,

If you just accept the message and continue on does it run on the system? If so you can, select the option ''Do Not show This Warning Again'' check box to suppress it in the future.

Unfortunately Windows Server 2012 is not an ''offically'' supported environment for the clien within your patch levelt. It is a supported environment for running the application server from but not for running the client from (as generally servers are only used to administer the application, hence the site admin should work fine) but not to actually work with the projects from.

Have you tried running the browser in compatibility mode, and adding the site to the trusted zones to see if that can get around the warning?

Have you tried to install the ALM explorer and see if it will work, although I think you may find the same thing happening.

There may be a registry hack that would allow the client to run on this system, but I would not recommend performing hacks on the application server hosting the application.

If you have the capability to apply patch 5, it adds official support for Windows Server 2012.

Hope this helps,


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Answered on March 11, 2015 3:37 pm
We tried all your fixes and just accepting the message and suppressing the warning seems to be working now until we can get the patch tested and applied. Thanks for the response. HomerJ
( at March 11, 2015 3:39 pm)

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