Sprinter – Getting an error on initialization of secondary machine
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We are new to Sprinter.
We are trying to do "mirroring" and have setup new "secondary machine".
When we try to run the test (Power Mode) and watch the Health Console, it gets stuck during initialization of the secondary machine and gives this error:

The Sprinter agent is currently being used by a different user on the secondary machine.

Error Details:
The secondary machine logged in user is different from sprinter process user on the master machine.

We are using the same user on both the Primary and Secondary machine, and we put that user in the Remote Desktop Connection tab.

Why is it complaining about "different" users?

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Asked on July 6, 2012 6:35 pm
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This is probably due to a ''wrong'' user login for Remote Desktop Connection Tab, or some other minor mismatch in the way you hae logged in to both machines.

Instead of trying to figure out what it wants, there is a **new flag** you can set to help.

New in Sprinter Patch 9:
Sprinter prevents mirroring when the process user on the primary machine and the logged in user on the secondary machine are not the same. To allow mirroring between different users, set the SprinterAgentAcceptIncomingCallsFromAnyUser flag in the SprinterAgent.exe.config file to True (located in the bin folder).


Try this:
Set the (new) flag for Sprinter Agent (as above) to allow any user on the secondary machine to do mirroring.
Rt-Click on the Sprinter Agent icon in on the secondary machine's task-tray and exit. Launch it again from the start menu HP Sprinter folder.
Then launch your test again from Power Mode on the Primary machine.

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Answered on July 6, 2012 6:51 pm
That was it! Thanks.
( at July 9, 2012 10:37 am)

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