Sprinter install has corrupted my Lotus Notes
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After installing Sprinter 11.0 and patch 09, my Lotus Notes no longer functions properly.

I have tried the DWORD value set to 0 fix that HP has out there, but still have issues with Lotus Notes opening.

Uninstalling Sprinter and Lotus Notes works properly.

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Asked on January 31, 2014 6:33 pm
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Found this, suggest giving it a try:

After installing Java Add-in from Sprinter (built-in), QuickTest Professional (QTP), or Unified Functional Testing (UFT), the mailing application IBM Lotus Notes cannot start up any more (infinite cycling re-launching again and again, after entering login/password).

To solve the problem the below steps should be applied:

Locate the ''jvm.properties'' file under Lotus Notes installation folder (by default C:Program FilesIBMLotusNotesframeworkrcpdeploy) and make a backup of the file.

Open the file (with notepad for example) and added the following at the end of the file: env.unset.Java_Tool_Options

Save the file and try to run Lotus Notes.

Note: The reported behavior is already documented in IBM Lotus Notes Forum as pure Lotus configuration error.

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Answered on January 31, 2014 6:36 pm

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