test API call not working correctly after upgrade of ALM?
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We have an nightly api test script that is run from a batch file and it is not working correctly after the upgrade we performed on the ALM system. We are getting a "server is not available error" when we try to connect to the server at http:///qcbin/ and we are unsure if the API has changed or if this is an issue with the coding that we need to update?

Thanks for any ideas?

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Asked on October 3, 2018 3:09 pm
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Hi HomerJ,
I am not sure what version you upgraded from but i have seen the issue with multiple recursive calls happening depending on how the modules are being called within (this is a known issue since ALM 12.2x), but yours sounds different. we have looked into the api and there is no coding changes that we can see that would be disruptive to the already established code. Since you have just noticed it after the upgrade, I would say that it is possibly related to the server url or the user name that you are using as those have probably changed since the upgrade and would need to be edited in the code. I see that the error is server not available and I have seen this issue before when the url is typed incorrectly. You'll want to check that you entered it correctly and nothing extra in there, If you have entered it as in your example I have seen in the past where the extra / at the end was being added into the path and thus trying to connect to a server that is not there. Check that you haven't added this in and it is causing the issue and also check that the user ID and password being used are correct with permissions to run the API script.

Hope this helps on where to start?

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Answered on October 3, 2018 3:20 pm
We checked and tried your suggestion of removing the ending / and it did in fact correct the issue. I guess we copied it into the API when editing it and didn't notice. We will note some of the other recommendations should they be needed in the future. Thanks.
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