UFT how to display only certain steps in the Test Run Result Reports
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I want to display only certain steps in the Test Run Results reports even i use report event in all my


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Asked on June 14, 2018 2:00 pm
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Using this method, you can control what all you want to display in the test run results.

**'Reporter.Filter = rfDisableAll'**

For example, you may want to display only the failed steps & not the passed ones.

To do so, you would need to use the Filter Property of the Reporter Object.

![alt text][1]

You can use any of the below mentioned values in the Reporter.Filter property

Reporter.ReportEvent micPass, ''Step 1'', ''Passed''
Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, ''Step 2'', ''Failed''

'Disable all the Results
Reporter.Filter = rfDisableAll
Reporter.ReportEvent micPass, ''Step 3'', ''Passed''
Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, ''Step 4'', ''Failed''

'Enable Result Display
Reporter.Filter = rfEnableAll
Reporter.ReportEvent micWarning, ''Step 5'', ''Warning''

[1]: /storage/temp/834-report-mode.jpg

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Answered on June 14, 2018 2:24 pm

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