UFT tests no longer run when the UFT host machine is locked
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Hello. For some reason, my ALM tests are no longer able to successfully connect and run when the UFT host machine is locked. The tests used to run successfully on my host machine while I was logged in with the machine locked. Now, my tests freeze up and fail whenever the host machine that the tests are running on locks. The only thing that has occurred or changed in my environment is Windows updates being installed.
I have had this issue in the past, and it was resolved by setting the registry key MicTest SkipEnvironmentChecks to 1. I have also checked, and verified that SkipEnvironmentChecks is still set to 1. Sometimes I let my tests run overnight, so I need to be able to lock my machine and still allow my tests to run.
Please help, as I can not leave my machine unlocked while unattended every time I need to run automation.

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Asked on January 11, 2019 7:14 pm
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I have seen an issue like this before, and it was resolved by performing the following on your UFT host machine. Since installing Windows updates is the only thing that has changed or occurred in your environment, I would like for you to run the DCOM settings reconfiguration tool on the UFT host machine, as I feel that the updates may have messed up the current DCOM settings. You will find the Additional Installation Requirements in the following location on the UFT host machine.

Windows Start -> All Programs -> HPE or Micro Focus -> Unified Functional Test -> Tools -> Additional Installation Requirements.

Be sure to select the last option, 'Configure DCOM' Settings for Automation Scripts' before you run the installation.

After the installation process has completed, retest to see if you are able to run the tests with the host machine locked. Please let me know the results of your testing. If you need anything else regarding this case, please let me know.

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Answered on January 11, 2019 7:15 pm
That did the trick! Thank you for your help!
( at January 11, 2019 7:16 pm)

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