Unable to connect to certain projects in ALM/QC
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We have teammates reporting that they are unable to connect to certain projects in QC (version 11, Patch 8, Oracle).

They receive a message that it Failed to Load:

1) "Failed to get project myProject",

2) "ALM-E10004: Failed to load project ‘myProject’ from domain ‘DEFAULT’; Failed to load properties of project ‘default::myproject’ … Unknown host: DEN-ZZORA2;

In Site Admin when I attempt to view Project Details, I get "Error establishing socket" or "Failed to get project myProject".
There is another project in the same domain that is having the same problem, but projects in other domains are accessible and the db server can be pinged successfully from SA.
We are currently transitioning to ALM 12, but these projects have not been migrated or modified from server side at all.

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Asked on March 18, 2015 3:21 pm
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Your error is common when a project's DB is not available (security, offline, upgraded to a newer QC version, etc.).

Can you confirm that the project's schema for ''Default_myproject_db'' (I am assuming this is the name) is actually on ORACLE server DEN-ZZORA2 ?

You may need to do a ''walk'' down your Site Admin project list to confirm which projects are expected to be where (i.e. different ORA servers).
In Site Admin, on the Site Projects tab, click on each project one-by-one, and look at the Project Details tab - here you will see the :
Database Name (default_myproject_db)
Database Server (DEN-ZZORA2)

Sometimes while migrating projects to a new server, people accidentally do some bad things:
1) move project Schema/database to new server and de-activate or drop from old DB server
2) Accidentally leave OLD project active in OLD QC server and at the same time make it active in the NEW QC server (2 QC servers pointing to the same Project DB/Schema). If this happens and the project is Upgraded in the NEW QC server, the OLD server will definitely have issues using the project DB since it is now upgraded to a different version.

You could also possibly have some of your QC projects' databases/schemas living on DIFFERENT Oracle servers. If one ORA server is down or not available, that would explain why some projects work fine and others not. (It is best practice to only use ONE Oracle server for ALL QC Project schmas AND for qcsiteadmin_db schema -- ALSO it is best practice to use the SAME schema-user password for every QC-related schema).

So, if you make a list carefully of all of the projects' Details tab information (in a Spreadsheet) for OLD server and for NEW server, then have the DBA confirm which project Schemas are in which ORA server, you may find your issue lies in the confusion of migrating projects and accidentally taking the wrong ones offline or *worse* NOT taking them offline and using one from BOTH servers.

Good Luck!

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Answered on March 18, 2015 3:28 pm
We DID have some projects on different Oracle servers and DEN-ZZORA2 was ''offline'' this morning due to a network issue, thereby making the few QC projects schemas there to be ''offline''. Now we are back up again. We will strive to make the ''best Practices'' suggestions happen here -- Only ONE Oracle server instance for our ALM12. The Upgrade is a great opportunity to get all schemas in the same place AND to make sure they all user the SAME Schema-user password. Thanks
( at March 18, 2015 3:32 pm)
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It always best to check workflow code in COMMON SCRIPT MODULE.

Function CanLogin(DomainName, ProjectName, UserName) On Error Resume Next If UserName<>''abram'' And UserName<>''ddavid'' Then CanLogin = False End If On Error GoTo 0 End Function

This will throws an error to other users if they are not ''abram'', ''ddavid''.

I had the same issue. Luckily, I knew one of the user who was very active in the project. So I reach out to him to know he is facing same issue. Then he goesssss! ya, I know and this (above code) could be it.

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Answered on August 14, 2018 7:05 pm

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