Unable to delete user from site admin
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When attempting to delete a user from site admin, we get an error. The error says "failed to deleted TDUser" and list the user name. This is qc authentication, never had an issue deleting a user before.

I looked at the SA logs and found an entry on the delete. Stack trace for it lists: Failed to Delete TDUsers; Failed to delete user; Failed to load properties of project ‘retired_project::Omaha; Failed to set params in the parametrized query; Setting parameter for field SRLF_PARENT_PATH failed because field value ‘.\\’ is of unsupported field type ‘-1000’;

The project listed there is a very old one, long retired, just sitting there for archive reasons. User we are trying to delete I see is an added user to that project.

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Asked on June 13, 2017 1:35 pm
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Can you delete the user then from the archived project? Meaning just remove the user from that one project? Can try this in site admin or from the project's customization if that is enabled. If you can remove the user from the project, I would try that first, then try the full site admin delete and see if errors out again.

Whatever is holding up the delete seems tied to the fact that the user is a member of that project. Normally a delete would go to each project and pull them out as part of the delete. Given this one fails, would seem something is amiss with that archived project. I would be curious if you can login properly to it. That project could require a verify/repair possible to see what could be off with it.

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Answered on June 13, 2017 1:38 pm
I tried to remove from the project directly, same error. As the project is an archived one, and backup already is out there, I just deleted the project completely. And no more issue, user was able to be removed in one action from all projects. Thanks for the info though.
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