Unable to run UFT tests remotely when the user is logged off of the UFT host machine
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Hello. We are unable to run tests using Lab Management in ALM 12.55 Patch 2 on a Windows 10 Client VM with Lab Service installed. The issue occurs when we try to execute a UFT test remotely while the user is logged off of the UFT Host machine. We are able to run the tests remotely as long as the user is logged into the host machine. When the user logs out, the check host feature in Lab Management, and test execution both fail.

Error received – "Failed to log in as to the testing host Check the testing host for the following: 1. The testing host has reached its limit of logged in users. To execute this test, log out one of the currently logged in users. 2. The information for user, password, or domain is incorrect."

Here is what we we have done thus far in an attempt to resolve the issue:

– Declared the host in Lab Management project.
– Installed the lab service on the UFT host machine.
– In the Lab Service on the UFT host machine, I entered the local host information, user name, password and the network domain (windows authentication); Also the URL for ALM. I then completed the registration.
– Accepted the changes and rebooted the machine.
– After restart, the service agent is running and the credentials on the UFT host agent are the credentials to start a local session.
– Registered the ALM client and installed the connectivity addin on all of the host machines
– Checked the security and ports to ensure nothing is being blocked.
– Updated the registry to remove any extra logon requirements.
– Ensured that the AutoLogin feature was installed.
– Ensured that the UAC is set to 'Never Notify'.
– Ensured that the Lab Service settings were correct.

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Asked on October 29, 2018 6:05 pm
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We have seen an issue like this before on a VM, and it was due to the Lab Agent pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to display the fields to enter the credentials at the wrong time during the start of the session request. This is a setting that you can manage at the user level. We were able to resolve the issue by adding the following domain policy - Interactive Logon: Do Not Require Ctrl+Alt+Del set to Enabled. On the affected machine, you will need to access the 'Group Policy Management Editor' then expand the following folders to expose the 'Security Options' folder - Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies. In the 'Security Options' folder, you will find the 'Interactive Logon: Do Not Require Ctrl+Alt+Del' policy. Double-click on the policy, select the 'Enabled' radio button and click 'Apply'. After you close all the windows, restart the machine to ensure the changes are applied. With the interactive logon policy enabled, the agent should be able to find the logon fields, enter the credentials and run the tests successfully when the user is logged off of the UFT host machine.

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Answered on October 29, 2018 6:05 pm

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