User Applied Filter and is now generating an error in ALM
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We have a user that applied a filter to the execution grid and is now generating a popup error when visiting that view. The user cannot get to the area to clear the filter due tom this error. Only option is to hit OK and then the user is returned to the Details screen.

Is there a method available to clear the users filter? This needs a quick solution as the user is engaged in critical testing and production activities.

Error popup displays:
OLE error 800400CF

Thans for assistance,

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Asked on April 27, 2018 9:29 pm
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Hi HomeJ,
If this is a critical issue then i would suggest you open a support ticket/case with your support group to get the issue the best and quickest attention. Having said that I will try to assist some but this is limited on my not having access to the system directly. Have you deleted the td80 folder for the user, as it contains cached information such as settings and searches and may resolve the issue. Deleting this is non-destructive or harmful and will just rebuild the folder on the next connection to the ALM client. It is a temporary folder that holds cached information to speed up the process of connecting to the client and some of the users temporarily cached information. In order to delete the folder, you would do the following:

*close all instances of internet explorer that are open
*open a windows/file explorer window (not internet explorer but a windows/file explorer)
* type %temp% into the navigation/url bar and hit enter
* the users temporary system folder will display
*navigate down until you see the TD80 folder
*delete the TD80 folder
*close the windows/file explorer window
* open Internet explorer and attempt connecting to the ALM client (the TD80 folder is automatically created in the background with this attempt since it didn't already exist).
As a last resort if the above has no effect and your support team has no assistance available you may look into deleting the user from the project and then re-adding them back in as this can clear up the errant issues with the user account pertaining to that specific project.

Hope these suggestions help some,

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Answered on April 27, 2018 9:36 pm
Thanks. Ended up deleting user from the project and re-adding back in and the issue was resolved,
( at April 27, 2018 9:36 pm)

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