What to do about disk space running low on ALM repository drive?
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We were experiencing some issues last week where people were unable to sign into/Upload anything in QC and UFT. Our Server team noticed that the disc space was too low (on drive used for ALM Repository) to upload or do anything causing people problems.

I was wondering what the best approach was in handling this situation so it doesn’t happen again? There was an idea to move the project repositories onto a new server different from than the app server but could experience loss in communication.

Another suggestion was to add a drive which will be on the same server. A D-drive say would be added to the server and relocate the data there. So, all remains on the same server, just not on the C-drive.. What would be the best way to approach something like this step by step? And is there a downside to do this at all?

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Asked on April 27, 2017 2:34 pm
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It is common to move the repository to another local disk (i.e. D).

Careful as this must be done properly, not just by coipying stuff.

We recommend creating the new/blank repository location by running the Configuration Wizard to change the path to a NEW location, and copying/moving the domain folders and project folders over later.

You may want to keep the old copy of the repository around while you get the projects re-pointed or you will likely have other issues with your server not being able to get to the old location while there is a mismatch between the ''new'' general repository location and the old path that all of the projects are still using.

WE HIGHLY recommend using a copy utility that can validate/verify that the copies have been made completely (we use a free utility called ''TeraCopy'' as it can do the copy and with a check of the green checkmark/circle int he upper right of it's dialog window, you can have it run a verify on the copy and lists out all of the files copied correctly/incorrectly.

Another technique is to have the backup team RESTORE your entire repository folder structure to a different drive (similar path is OK and actually easier).

Now, once the repositories are properly copied/moved, then ALL of your projects will need to be re-pointed to the correct repository folders, this is done by performing a REMOVE on a project, then editing the DBID.xml file to point to the new ''project directory'' (repository path), and then RESTORE the project from it's DBID.xml in Site Admin.

I usually create a NEW/blank project with Site Admin after specifying the new repository location so I can see the new path represented int he new project's DBID.xml file.

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Answered on April 27, 2017 2:44 pm

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