When I launch LRC it says that a new release 2020.05 has been released…do I have ANYTHING?
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When I launch LRC, it says that a new release 2020.05 has been released…do I have ANYTHING? 

Since we have LRC (SaaS) am I automatically using the latest?  

What about my OP-LG, do I have to update agent version?

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Asked on June 1, 2020 1:33 pm
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LoadRunner Cloud will be upgraded automatically for all customers by the LRC team at Micro Focus, approximately every 3 to 4 months. Customers don’t have to do anything unless they have on-premise LGs (OP-LG) and VuGen machines:

For OP-LGs that are 4 more version old, we ( Micro Focus and Orasi) strongly recommend that you use the current version of the on-premises load generator (version 2020.05). LoadRunner Cloud does support the last 3 versions.

The following table shows the compatibility between LoadRunner Cloud on-premises load generators and LoadRunner:

On-premises load generator version        LoadRunner version

2020.05                                                                 2020 SP1

2020.02                                                                 2020

2019.12                                                                 2020


For details on working with on-premises load generators, see On-premises load generators

Most scripts previously created in VuGen 12.00 to 2020, are supported. See the LRC Version compatibility page for details and exceptions.

We ( Micro Focus and Orasi) strongly recommend All new scripts to be created in VuGen 2020 SP1 (2020.1), that you downloaded from the LRC site.

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Answered on June 1, 2020 2:12 pm

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