Where and how would I do workflow to block the manual test runner from opening for a particular project?
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We would like to prevent the manual runner from being opened if certain fields don't have values. These are not required fields but fields based on a given application being tested under, might need to have a value.

We thought about making them required if field A has value X, but these other fields we need values for before the run, they require some expert thought by someone familiar with the application. I don't want to force a value in haste. That make sense?

Basically we just want manual runner to not open if a field or fields don't have a value yet.

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Asked on April 24, 2017 4:51 pm
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While I generally follow what you are talking about, I don't know the specifics as to possibly suggest a better method, but it is easy to obtain with workflow what you are wanting as far as blocking manual runner from opening based on criteria. I will explain the method for that then and you can see if that satisfies your need.

You will need to know the action names for manual runner. There are 3 that will be of impact. First is the ''Run'' button from the execution grid, second is the drop down for Run with Manual Runner, and third is ''Continue Manual Run'' for if a run was started but not finished (has a Not Completed status).

The action names for each of those are as follows:

1. ''Run'' button: *TestSetView.Run*
2. ''Run with Manual Runner'' drop down: *TestSetView.RunManaully*
3. ''Continue Manual Run'' drop down: *TestSetView.ContinueManualRun*

You will want to add your code to the Common script area, under the function ''ActionCanExecute(ActionName)''.

Example below blocks if a field (the 01) has Application Priority as the value, and the second field (02) has no value (nothing selected yet) then the manual runner cannot be executed:

If ActionName = ''TestSetView.RunManually'' then
If TestSetTest_Fields.Field(''TC_USER_02'').Value = '''' and TestSetTest_Fields.Field(''TC_USER_01'').Value = ''Application Priority'' then
msgbox ''Test Application Level requires a value before you can start the run''
ActionCanExecute = False
End If
End If

Can adopt for the other ActionNames, but you will want code in place for each scenario. The continue manual run ActionName might not be needed based on your criteria as it might already have the field value data in place given a run was already started.

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Answered on April 24, 2017 4:59 pm
That looks to be just what I need. Appreciate the action names and the sample code.
( at April 24, 2017 5:07 pm)

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