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It appears that QC11 is automatically checking out items when you open them. an Example: when going into QC and then QTP it automatically locks the script to that person (didn’t do this in QC10). It is causing some issues. Is there anything that can be done? Is there another way to handle this? We have version control off in QC11.52 where we had it on in QC10. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Asked on October 31, 2014 11:09 pm
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The reason that the users were able to have multiple users accessing the test in version 10 (with versioning turned on) is because with version control turned on users can basically download a private copy of the test to work with. Without version control the test entity is locked when access and only release when the test is no longer in use.

Using version control, you can create and manage multiple versions of HP ALM entities, including those associated with HP Business Process Testing (BPT) and HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), encompassing requirements, tests, test assets, and business components.

Below are some stated reasons why you would want to implement version control for a project.

Another input in the decision making process is the number of users in the project. If there are many project users accessing and changing the same entity, this entity can become corrupted or overwritten with wrong data. Implementing versioning brings some clear benefits to the process:
- Users can access their private version and make changes without affecting others. <-- Multiple users accessing tests - Users can detect problems early in the cycle by using the compare function. - Users can revert to the older version in case of the failure of the new version. Such projects should be recommended as candidates for versioning. To restore the needed functionality for the users I would recommend turning Version Control on for the project in question. *** Note: this will require the project to be disabled briefly so all users will need to be logged out of the project *** 1. Open Site Administrator 2. Click on the Site Projects tab 3. Right-click on the project in question 4. Click Enable Versioning 5. Click OK to disable the project and OK to the prompt to have all users log out of the project 6. Once version control is enabled click OK and look for the green check mark on the project.

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Answered on October 31, 2014 11:11 pm
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