Why is the Script automatically saved in ALM-PC 11after execution every time?
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When working in ALM-PC 11 VUGen on a script, it automatically saves the script back to the ALM
server every time the test is executed. For instance I pull a script to work on and might
go through 1000 iterations until I get it right, it saves every time. It is
understandable when it saved it to the local drive, but saving back to the main
repository without explicitly telling it too is a problem. How do we disable it so that
it does not auto save? ANy input would be great.

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Asked on January 4, 2013 3:05 pm
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There isn't a ways to disable the ''auto-save'' as the Vugen ''run'' require a save and compile in order to work properly.

There are 3 options other than auto-saving to the ALM project test plan

You Can...

1. Download/open the script to your vugen machine (pulling from alm) then disconnect from ALM
a. Tools > ALM connection...> disconnect
2. Select ''Cancel'' to the pop-up ''the Vuser Script from this project will be closed. Continue?'' to NOT close the script
3. Edit/save script 1000+ times. Disconnected the script save to the temp folder
4. When done ''editing'' the script re-Connect to ALM (Tools > ALM connection...> Connect button).
5. Press ''save''


1. Download/open the script to your vugen machine (pulling from alm)
2. File< save As .. > select ''file system'' (left side of save dialog box)
3. give script temp name i.e. ''Orasi_web_version_999.''
4. Press ''save button
5. Edit edit/run until finish editing
6. File< save As .. > select ''Test Plan'' (left side of save dialog box)
7. Select the project folder
8. Name the script
9. Save


1. Don't connect to ALM
2. Create and edit the script until Ready for load testing
3. Then connect the Vugen to ALM and save to script to the projects-test plan folder

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Answered on January 8, 2013 1:31 pm

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