Will disabling SMBv1 have any impact on the HPE software testing tools?
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Our company is going about disabling SMBv1 on all machines and OS setups next month. While most machines are newer and don't use SMBv1, a few Windows 7 and similar machines are still in use. My question if is SMBv1 is a factor for any of the HPE software testing tools and would I have any impact with the removal of SMBv1?

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Asked on June 22, 2017 4:38 pm
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Just recently discussed with HPE about SMB usage and impact for the HPE tools. The only area that would make use is with HPE ALM application server on Windows, under the condition that the repository was stored offsite from the application server. SMB would be used for read and write to the repository.

If your repository for ALM is on the ALM application server, then no worries on any impact. I would go about the disable of SMBv1 on any affected OS regardless to avoid the associated risks that v1 is open to.

If your repository is stored off the ALM server, same answer applies, go about disabling v1 and make sure all the machines with affected operating systems remove SMBv1 use.

XP and server 2003 use the v1, and those are obsolete for a reason with Microsoft.

**For current OS, see below:**

Win 7 defaults to SMBv2.1, as does server 2008. You can disable SMBv1 on these.

Win8/10 and server 2012 and up use SMB3. SMBv1 should not be being used at all, but can check to be safe and see about disabling.

Steps on disabling for the above listed operating systems can be found here: [How to enable and disable SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 in Windows and Windows Server][1]

[1]: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ie/help/2696547/how-to-enable-and-disable-smbv1-smbv2-and-smbv3-in-windows-and-windows-server

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Answered on June 22, 2017 4:44 pm
Appreciate the reply. And the link. Our repo is on server so good to know the HPE tools won't have any issues moving forward.
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