Working with UFT 12.54 and UFT 14
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We have upgraded all of our licenses to UFT 14…except for 1. The 1 is on 12.54. He writes a number of scripts and changes to the function libraries. Will this give us issues executing tests that may have been created in 12.54 on 14. 14 asks if we want to upgrade that script when we run it. Now the script is 14. Say he goes back to modify it, using his 12.54 version. Now I execute that script using 14. I think it’s creating erratic errors. Thanks for any opinions or facts you have about running multi-version UFT environments.

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Asked on August 25, 2017 1:08 pm
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Test writing in 12.54 will work in 14.00 per the chart provide in HPE document [KM00208465]( Currently when opening 12.54 in 14.00 and test gets upgrade it only set a flag that the test is at 14.00. The HPE document does state:
The ''run/execute/replay-scripts-without-errors/problems'' compatibility between versions, cannot be assure 100%,, may depend of other aspects (feature compatibility or functional compatibility, see below considering test-objects/properties/features can change between versions.
It is not recommend to open 14.00 script in 12.54 since it might have new features that do not exist in 12.54.

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Answered on August 25, 2017 1:08 pm

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