WSDL file transfers fail after a restart

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  • WSDL file transfers fail after a restart
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A number of scripts that were redone using the same systems are now failing to run on the controller with the following error:

Error: The user files were not transferred to the local load generator 3 The Transfer of the file C:\\Load Tests\\web services\\Development\\CustomerAuthentication_isAuthenticatedAuthenicationMechanism\\Script\\CustomerAuthentication_AuthenticatedAuthenticationMechanism\\WSDL failed: error 3 

Error: Mercury File Transfer: Error in writing directory C:\\Documents and Settings\\n1mmclauch\\Local Settings\\Temp\\brr_YAR.511\\netdir\\C\\Load Tests\\web services\\Development\\CustomerAuthentication_isAuthenticatedAuthenicationMechanism\\Script\\CustomerAuthentication_AuthenticatedAuthenticationMechanism\\WSDL compression stream. rc = -1. 3
  • This seems to have started after the controller and generator boxes were restarted. There were no issues at all before

  • I have tried this on several different generators with the same result. The issue seems to be with the controller transferring the files.

  • The tests work if run on the localhost

  • Vugen/Controller are 9.52

  • LR Agents are 9.50

  • The generator box does not show any errors

Again, everything worked w/o issue until the restarts. I have restarted both boxes (more than 1 time) but still have the issue.

Any ideas?


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Asked on June 9, 2010 2:06 pm
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Thanks. That worked. Before I read this I found another work around. If I named the scripts to very short names (7 characters) it also worked. Changing the temp file is better though. Won't have to redo all the scripts and I get to keep descriptive file names.

Thanks again for the help

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Answered on June 9, 2010 8:36 pm
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Try changing the temp directory on the load generator to another location not under Documents and Settings.

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Answered on June 9, 2010 7:08 pm