ALM Client Initialization has failed.
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Hello. I have a user that is experiencing the following message when trying to login to ALM. We have run the ALM Client Cleanup Utility on the machine, but the issue still occurs. I appreciate any information that you can provide. 

Initialization has failed. Contact your system administrator.

For details, see the Loader log file.

Failure details:

ALM-Platform-Loader component has not been initialized as expected, URL property hasn’t been set.

Initialization aborted.

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Asked on January 29, 2021 3:47 pm
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Hello. I have experienced this issue before, and I was able to resolve the issue by manually uninstalling a previous installation of the ALM Client that was installed on the affected machine. Check the 'Programs and Features' list in the Control Panel on the affected machine, to see if you have any previous ALM Client Platforms listed. If you do, manually uninstall it, and restart the machine. I hope this helps!

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Answered on January 29, 2021 3:48 pm
We found another version of the ALM Client Platform listed in the Programs and Features list. After manually uninstalling it and restarting the user’s machine, he is no longer receiving this issue. Thank you for your help!
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