Can my old scripts that access the old version of VTS use the new 11.52 version of VTS
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I have a several scripts that access use the previous release of VTS. I’m have upgraded to LR 11.52. Do I have to redo my old script to work with the new VTS version?

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Asked on February 4, 2014 8:35 pm
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You don't have to redo your scripts; however, you will have to make some changes to your existing scripts. You no longer have to load the VTS dll. The libraries are built into Load Runner 11.52 or later.

These are the changes.

1. Remove alllr_load_dll(''vtclient.dll'')functions from the Vuser script.
2. Remove all instances of#include ''vts2.h''from all sections of the Vuser script.
3. Update the VTS server name and port number in allvtc_connectandlrvtc_connectfunctions in the Vuser script.
4. In the Vuser script, change all instances ofPVCItoPVCI2.

In the Vuser script, change all instances ofVTCERRtoVTCERR2.

Once this is done, everything should run fine.

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Answered on February 4, 2014 8:42 pm

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