ConnectAll “Connection” messed up after upgrade to 2.9.11
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We decided to upgrade our ConnectAll from 2.9.7 directly to 2.9.11.  We know that in 2.9.8, they introduced a NEW “connections” feature where the connections to say JIRA to QC are stored at a “higher” level and referenced from the various links that use them — making it easier to change URL’s or passwords for all links that use the same JIRA “connection, for instance.

Anyway, after our upgrade, when going into the “Connections” menu item, we see all of our “connections” listed for out various “endpoints”/connections to JIRA, QC, ServiceNow, etc., and they have the expected number of associated links, BUT the JIRA one shows “0” links, even though we expect 22 of them.

How do we remedy this?

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Asked on February 11, 2020 7:26 pm
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You need to create a NEW Jira connection pointing to SAME JIRA server and credentials, it should then find ALL links and allow connection to them.

Then, you can DELETE the old Jira connection.

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Answered on February 11, 2020 7:28 pm

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