Data of version control dates and modified by, for scripts in database
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I needs to create a report of the dates and who modified a script with Version Control enabled on all projects. I don’t think there is an actual report, in ALM version 12.55, that could be run to provide this information; however, i can pull the data from the ALM projects database schema, if I could locate it.

If I log into ALM Desktop Client-> Test Plan, where VuGen scripts, or UFT scripts are stored for a test, on the scripts "History" tab, I can see the Date modified, and the account that made the modification.

I find in the projects database, the version history in the HIST_ASSET_REPOSITORY_ITEMS table (which match the user interface); but, this table does not have the Date or Modified By. I cannot find this information in any other table within the projects database tables.

Has anyone let know where exactly this information is stored in the projects database?

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Asked on May 6, 2019 12:54 pm
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ALM 12.55 does not have a built in report that can be run for this information.

You will need to access each projects database individually, from the SQL Server Management Studio, and run a SQL quarry to extract the information. In each project's database schema, navigate to the HIST_TEST table, the following columns will have the data you need:








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Answered on May 6, 2019 12:56 pm

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