Decryption error forces Sprinter 11.52 to close upon opening a test via ALM
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When using Sprinter 11.52 and attempting to open a test via ALM to Sprinter, we are getting an error.

Error: An error has occurred and Sprinter needs to close. Unable to decrypt the value 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/'

The x's above are different per user attempting, and appears to be a combination of encryption of what I assume is the user's password. Various upper and lower case letters with symbols and numbers.

Should we upgrade to Sprinter 12.01? Not sure which version of ALM 11.52 supports that Sprinter 12.01.

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Asked on September 30, 2014 6:35 pm
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This is a known issue by HP and is fixed. It is a decryption issue for LDAP passwords. Issue is seen when attempting to open a test from ALM to Sprinter 11.52 or is seen when using the auto login feature of Sprinter upon your next opening of the application.

For Sprinter 11.52, you can install public patch 25 to get around this issue. Of note though that patch 25 does includes a regression issue where images saved during a test run in Sprinter are not visible in ALM 11.52. However, Sprinter 12.01 has both of those issues fixed and would be your best bet for sanity's sake to upgrade to.

That is provided your ALM 11.52 is on patch 02 or higher. Patch 02 or higher is required for ALM 11.52 server in order to be compatible with Sprinter 12.01.

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Answered on September 30, 2014 6:37 pm
You mentioned before about some problems with Sprinter 11.52. Seems that 12.01 is just the way to go. I should have listened to your advice back then.
( at September 30, 2014 7:00 pm)

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