Do we need Admin Privilege to access HP-ALM using RDP?
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Few RDP users had admin privilege to the system and were able to login to HP-ALM successfully.
But when their Admin privilege were revoked from the system then the RDP users were not able to login to ALM.

Kindly let us know should all the RDP users need Admin Privilege to access ALM? or Do we have any other alternate solution as our Company policy does not allow Admin access for vendor users.

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Asked on April 30, 2017 11:23 pm
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Since this is a terminal server I would recommend installing the client in Shared deployment mode. What this does is it installs the client to a common/public user profile. Then any additional users that login would use the binaries from the common/public user profile and only information such as last used project would be stored in the user profile. The initial installation should preformed as an Administrator and IE should be started with ''Run As Administrator''. After that you should not get prompted for administrator creditials when starting the client.

Here are some links to documentation on Shared Deployment mode on the HPE Knowledge Base Site

Understanding the different deployment modes in ALM 11.x and above

How does the ALM 11 Shared Deployment differ from a standard deployment

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Answered on April 30, 2017 11:24 pm
I forgot to mention that you would probably also want to cleanup any installations that are already present on the profiles if you want to use shared deployment mode. I am providing a link to the ALM Uninstaller that you would want to run before installing in Shared Deployment mode to keep from having multiple instances that could cause more problems This will not remove ALM if run on the server only the client files in the user profiles.
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