Does QC 12.55 support Windows 10?
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There is a user attempting to use Windows 10 with IE 11 to access QC 12.55. The display is messed up. Wanted to know if this is a known issue, whether QC has support for Windows 10, and if there are any workarounds for this issue. I had him try changing font settings and zoom settings but this did not help.

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Asked on November 1, 2018 1:16 am
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The issue that you are seeing is because of the scaling feature in Windows 10. With version 12.55 patch 01 ALM is now able to support dpi scaling but not in previous versions. The fix would be to install patch 01 for 12.55 or you could turn off scaling on the workstation as a workaround however that can cause some displays to make text too small for some people to read.

If you look on the Sys Req page for QC/ALM you will see the following listed now under ''Other Configuration Settings'' for the client in version 12.x...

*** ALM 12.55 Patch 1 features improved support for tablet devices. Using manufacturer-recommended screen resolution, the recommended DPI setting is 125% and the maximum DPI setting is up to 150% ***

*** There is also another option that will keep you from having to change the display settings for the whole system, you can set them only for the ALM client on Windows 7/8/10 machines... ***

1. Go to your client components folder, example: 'C:Users\AppDataLocalHPALM-Client12.53.2.0_952'.
2. Find 'ALM-Client' > Right Click it > Properties.
3. Go to 'Compatibility' tab > Select 'Override high DPI scaling behavior'.
4. Restart IE, if it was already running.

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Answered on November 1, 2018 1:17 am

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