Even with Datatable empty UFT is iterating multiple times.
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I was running my UFT test with 3 rows of data in the DataTable. I deleted all the rows and UFT is still iterating 3 times even though the DataTable is now empty.

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Asked on January 17, 2018 4:49 pm
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Even though you deleted the data from the rows, the rows are not deleted, therefore they are still active. In order to delete the rows, you need to highlight the entire row and then right click, select Edit then click Delete (or just hit Ctrl+k).

![alt text][1]

You can tell if a row is active or not by the color of the grid line at the bottom of the row. It will be black if it is active, and grey if it is not active.

![alt text][2]

[1]: /storage/temp/753-iterations2.png
[2]: /storage/temp/754-iterations.png

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Answered on January 17, 2018 4:51 pm
That is good to know.
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