Field must be under version control :TS_TYPE
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We are getting the following error when trying to log into a project
"Failed to Connect Project"

We checked the QC and SA logs and see the following…

Failed to connect user _system_user_ to project **projectName** in domain **domainName**

**Field must be under version control :TS_TYPE; **

Stack Trace:
com.hp.alm.platform.exception.CTdException: Field must be under version control :TS_TYPE

Please help…

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Asked on March 28, 2019 7:39 pm
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First thing that you will need to do is to check the SYSTEM_FIELD table to see what the version control status of the field is (query below). If the value is 'N' you will need to update that to 'Y' query also below

1. Open Site Admin
2. Click on Site Projects
3. Scroll down and find the SYSTEM_FIELD table and click on it
4. Enter the following query in the top query window then click 'Execute SQL'... **SELECT SF_COLUMN_NAME, SF_IS_UNDER_VCS WHERE SF_COLUMN_NAME = 'TS_TYPE'**
5. If the value of SF_IS_UNDER_VCS is 'N' you will need to run the following query to set the value to 'Y'... **UPDATE SYSTEM_FIELD SET SF_IS_UNDER_VCS = 'Y' WHERE SF_COLUMN_NAME = 'TS_TYPE'**
6. Scroll back up to the project name, right-click, select Maintain Project --> project repair, and run a repair on the project
7. Attempt to log into the project

***the repair on the project is needed to trigger an update to the VC table that needs to happen***

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Answered on March 28, 2019 7:47 pm

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