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Can anyone provide a white paper on programming standards for automation testing Google Web Toolkit based java applications? What is the best practice for dealing with the various hidden or non active windows, buttons, and menu items on a single UI?

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Asked on September 28, 2010 1:25 pm
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I have done some work with the Web 2.0 SDK for QuickTest Professional. The SDK was a challenge to learn how implement with GWT and Ajax. Recommend watching the video QTP Extensibility Accelerator demo and learning some Jscript coding (if you do not know jscript go to W3Schools). Caution the video made working with SDK look easy but, I found out that I wanted to do more advance things. Knowing jscript and knowing the objects attributes and method helps is the challenge. I have found that using QTP Object spy or other like tools that will help in defining the attributes for a new component.

One Side Note: The SDK will run with QTP 10 on IE and I have heard that QTP 11 will work with IE and Firefox. Recommend looking at the documents ''Extensibility Accelerator for HP Functional Testing, User Guide,'' and ''HP QuickTest Professional Web Add-in Extensibility, Developer Guide'' for a start.

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Answered on September 28, 2010 5:47 pm
Thanks for the feedback. We have a custom CRM application that runs in Chrome. I have had some success automating Firefox, but I think that our application is using some type of code generator that is creating generic controls which QTP can not readily recognize. I can record and playback code on the Google Web Tool (GWT) example site, but our custom application takes forever and often fails with the error. ''Too many controls with the same name''. I am working with the development team to get a better understanding of how they are using GWT.
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