How do I resolve a backend to a tier in AppDynamics?
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We are currently trying to configure our backends to better represent our environment in AppDynamics. How can I combine two like backends?

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Asked on January 14, 2016 8:10 pm
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1. You can resolve a backend to a tier from the backend's dashboard page, either its Remote Service Dashboard or Database Dashboard. From the Actions menu, click Resolve Backend to Tier and select an existing tier or create a new one.
a. Similarly, you can see backends that are associated with a tier and unresolve a backend from the action menu for the tier dashboard.
2. Deleting the backend from the tier causes it to re-appear as an unresolved backend in the flow map or resolve it to a different tier.
3. You can configure backend grouping in the flow map configuration, which causes two or more backends of the same type to appear as a single icon in the flow map.
a. This can improve readability and the focus of the flow map, for example, if individual databases or remote service instances are not important to the flow map users.
4. Backend services can be grouped if there are at least two backends of the same type and the backends are called by the same tiers.
a. A backend that calls other backends or calls into any other tiers cannot be part of a backend group.
5. You can configure backend grouping in the Databases & Remote Services tab of the Configure Flow Map dialog.
a. This is found on the top right where the Application Flow Map name is.
b. Click the drop down arrow and select ''Edit Current Flow Map''
c. You can then deselect the ''Ungroupable'' of the like backend types and they will be grouped automatically.
d. You can also hide what you don't want to see by selecting ''Hidden'' in that same menu.
6. To separate the backends in the flow map, simply right click on the backend where you see more than one grouped and choose ''Ungroup Backends'' and they will separate

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Answered on January 14, 2016 8:10 pm

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