How do you get ALM 15.0 to work with Office 64-bit?
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We cannot upgrade for a few months, but have many users who cannot (or will not) install Office 32-bit as required by older ALM versions (16.0 and below).  When we try to use Excel Add-in with Excel 64-bit, it throws errors.  Can we “dupe” something to make it work anyway?

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Asked on December 7, 2022 11:45 am
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here is an "unofficial" work-around to allow 64-bit Office/Word to work with ALM:

Workaround: OTA & 64 Bit Applications (Excel, Word etc.) - ALM/QC User Discussions - ALM / Quality Center

Make sure you do a registry backup before applying this work-around (at your own risk).

I tried this on Win11 and it did not work, maybe something different in 11 than 10, but it did work in Win10


There is a 2nd "official" MF solution to 64/32 bit issue: Teams Chat Files/KM03119576-ALM

Support Tip_ Using ALM OTA API with 64-bit applications.pdf)

Starting with ALM 16.01, you CAN use the 64-bit ALM client Registration and it enables "surrogate" -- exactly the same way as the two above methods result in.

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Answered on December 7, 2022 11:46 am

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