how to use available debugging options in vugen script debugging ?
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In Debuggin option, there are options available as – breakpoint, Callstack, watch and run time data.
I know the use of toggle breakpoint and runtime data.
but i also want to know, how to use Callstacka and watch options use..

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Asked on May 1, 2018 7:39 am
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There are explanations of the debug functionality in the LoadRunner help. It is publicly available. For the topics you asked about the links to them are currently (version 12.56):

[Call Stack Pane][1]

- This debug pane enables you to view information about the functions that are currently on the call stack of your script.
- This pane is relevant only when a run session is paused.
- This pane is read-only.
- You can double-click any element in the Call Stack pane to navigate to the beginning of the relevant
function/action in the script editor.

[Watch Pane][2]

- The Watch pane enables you to monitor variables while a script runs.
- This pane is relevant only when a run session is paused.
- The current value of the variable. The evaluated value is displayed only when a run session is paused.
- You can Add, Edit, Delete variables in the watch list

[Debugging Overview][3]


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Answered on May 8, 2018 2:54 pm

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