I have a LoadRunner 12.6x, 5000 Web 2.0 Vusers license and I would like to known the max number of Load Generators include with this license?
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Asked on July 22, 2019 3:50 pm
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There is no limited or license requirements for the Load Generator (LG) machines.
The only machine/software that require the licenses is the LoadRunner Controller machine and those licenses are lock to that machine.

According to the Micro Focus ''Additional License Authorizations For Performance Testing software products ( EULA )'' document.

''LoadRunner Virtual User license key must be installed on an LoadRunner Controller at a Site that is located within the same country as the software was licensed (e.g. if the software was licensed in Germany, the Site must be in Germany) , unless Worldwide Usage Add-on licenses are purchased. After initial installation, the Site cannot be changed without Micro Focus prior written consent and may be subject to relocation fees. Only one user is permitted to access the LoadRunner Controller at one time and this user must be located within the Site. Remote Access to the LoadRunner Controller software is limited to users who are regularly employed and located at the Site. The AUT, Virtual User Generator, Analysis and Load Generators may be installed anywhere.''

The key word here is ''**Load Generators**'' which mean more than one.

So if you want you can create a many LGs as you want/need and they can be Real, Virtual, or cloud machines.

BTW: since you had a 5000 Vusers license, I would not create over 5000 LG machines. Normally only 5 to 20 LGs are needed.

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Answered on July 22, 2019 4:06 pm

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