Inconsistent Truclient IE/Chrom Valid/Invalid Argument behavior
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I am using Vugen 12.53 Patch 4 Update. When replaying a Truclient Web script using IE 11/Chrome, I am getting inconsistent results with respect to the Argument value that is contained in each step. When I recorded the script, the recorded value of the Argument was "AC02 – Savings Accounts" from "Property Type ?" listbox. When I replayed this script, the Truclient script failed on this step with a message stating that the SAME value, "AC02 – Savings Accounts", which was stored in the Text box of the Argument section of that step, was INVALID. How can a value that was recorded by Truclient and placed in that Text Box of the Argument section be INVALID? I checked the characters in that text box and they exactly match the same value in the application’s list box.

I also tried to use the alternative step that was included in this step. In that case, instead of the actual value named "AC02 – Savings Accounts", Truclient changes the step to: "Select option #3 from Property Type? listbox" and the text box of the Argument section is blank and the ordinal box of the Argument section contains the ordinal value of 3. When I replay this script with this setting, the error I get is that the ordinal value of 3 is INVALID. How can this happen when the Truclient software defined that value when it was recorded?

I also tried various combinations of End Event settings which did not resolve this issue. I do not believe the End Event setting is the problem since Vugen is complaining about a VALUE which it thinks is INVALID. Any help would be appreciated. Currently, the End Event setting is Step network completed, but I tried several other settings, such as Action Completed (since selecting from a list box is similar to clicking on a button (the mouse is used in both cases)).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Asked on April 12, 2018 4:50 pm
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This is a known issue. On older versions, text boxes were being filled directly using the .value property of the input field, for example. If you check on 12.53 and 12.55 the text is being added instantly to the text field, and because of that, frameworks like Angular that rely on keyboard events will not behave correctly. No keyboard event is being sent! Only some value is changed, and the Angular binds are unaware of that.

In newer version TruClient 12.56, it supports keyboard simulation. Basically, TruClient behaves like an actual TruClient and types each character one by one, in a speedy manner, to make sure any interaction is as close as possible to the real user.

This issue has be fixed in version 12.56. If you don't wish to upgrade to the newer version 12.56, please contact your support provider to obtain the hotfix for your current version 12.53 patch 4.

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Answered on April 30, 2018 6:23 pm

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