Information on the verification maintenance routine in ALM?
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I am new to the site admin side of things and unfamiliar with lots of its functionality but I am learning. I have been tasked with trying to prepare our projects prior to our planned upgrade. I was told by the prior admin before they left the company that it is recommended to run the verification on projects prior to our upgrade to find issues that may be in the projects that would hinder the upgrade process for my corporation.

What is this "verification" process being referred to?

How do I use it properly?

What does it do exactly?

Thanks for the clarification,

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Asked on April 20, 2018 3:46 pm
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Hi HomerJ,
Let me see if I can help you understand the process.

The verification process is part of the project's maintenance routines. It is non-destructive (meaning it performs no changes or alters anything within the projects table and coding/formatting.

To use it properly, you can run it ay anytime as it is non-destructive. Unlike the repair process (also part of the maintenance options), it changes or alters nothing and only analyzes the tables, indexes, and structures of the project that is being verified. It can be run with the project active and users in the project working and making changes and will affect none of their actions or work changes. to perform the verification routine follow the following steps:

1) log into site admin
2) navigate to the Site Projects tab
3) select the project on the left side (may have to expand the domains to find the projec)
4) right click on the project
5) select the maintenance>verification options
6) select the confirmation operations to run the verification
7) when it completes not the location of the results file completed and note if it says ''verification passed'' or ''verification completed with issues found''

If issue are found then you need to navigate to the results file to find out what the issue is and correct that issue manually if unable to be corrected by the repair process. If it will be repaired by the repair process then schedule a maintenance window to take a back up of the project prior to performing the repair routine as a precaution and then run the repair routine to see if all issues are corrected to include the original one that prompted the verification to be run in the beginning.

As mentioned before the verification process traverses the projects tables and verifies all the indexes are correct, the tables are aligned, all necessary permissions on the project exist and are set correctly for the project to work correctly. It deep scans lots of the data to see if everything expected is placed as it should and with the correct information. It is essentially checking the structure and the health of the project. If anything is found it will notify and a written results report will be created so that the issues can be fixed.

I hope this helps explain the verification of the projects maintenance routine.


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Answered on April 20, 2018 4:07 pm

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