Text Search not possible in a project within ALM?
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We have an issue with a single project. All of our other projects have no issue with text search. We have enabled the text search of the DB, before we started the install of our ALM version and all other projects have no issue except for this one project. Is there something that we should be looking for in order to get this one project working normally?


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Asked on April 20, 2018 3:11 pm
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Hello HomerJ,
I have seen issues like this in the past where the text search was not turned on for all the projects. Text search has two steps in order to work properly. 1) it must be enabled on the DB instance that serves your ALM instances, and 2) it must be enabled for each individual project, just like version control.

I would recommend that you check to ensure the 2 conditions above are met. Since it is working on the other projects then I would say condition 1 was met. You need to address condition 2 now for that one affected project.

I would recommend that you also run a verification on the project and then see also if the project is reporting any issues as it is possible that text search was enabled on the project and has failed due to an issue with the project. The verification is a non-destructive process that can be run with the project active and users in the project working. To run it do the following:

1) log into site admin
2) navigate to the Site Projects tab
3) select the project on the left side (may have to expand the domains to find the projec)
4) right click on the project
5) select the maintenance>verification options
6) select the confirmation operations to run the verification
7) when it completes not the location of the results file completed and note if it says ''verification passed'' or ''verification completed with issues found''

If issue are found then you need to navigate to the results file to find out what the issue is and correct that issue manually if unable to be corrected by the repair process. If it will be repaired by the repair process then schedule a maintenance window to take a back up of the project prior to performing the repair routine as a precaution and then run the repair routine to see if all issues are corrected to include the original one that prompted the verification to be run in the beginning.

Hope this helps and gives something to proceed with,

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Answered on April 20, 2018 3:36 pm
Thanks we did what you are suggesting and the issue appears to be that the permissions on the project user are incorrect for text search. Thanks for the assistance as the verification showed that the text search option was the only thing that failed and that it reported the wrong permissions on the DB project schema user. We though we had enabled it and obviously something has changed since. Our DBA is correcting this issue for us. Thanks for the trouble shooting assistance, HomerJ
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