Load Generator Failures
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We are currently using Performance Center 12.53 patch 4. Our scripts are Web (HTML/HTTP)protocol scripts. Multiple LG failures are faced during execution. The Load test is set up to use 7 LG’s and 4 or the LG’s are failing when the test starts. Our team has been trouble shooting this issue. We have reviewed all services on the PC Host machines. The only difference we can find is that the secondary logon service appears to change state due to security policies. We are working with our security team. Any input would be great.

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Asked on July 23, 2019 10:58 am
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The Secondary Logon Service is a required service. Please enable (set to automatic and running) on the above machines and re-execute your load test.

HPE Performance Center documentation states the following about the Secondary Logon:

''The Windows Secondary Logon service enables processes to start using alternate credentials. If this service is stopped this type of logon access will not be available and any services that depend on it will not be able to run.

The Windows Secondary Logon service needs to be started during the installation of Performance Center (PC) / Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) on the following machines:

* ALM platform Servers
* Performance Center Servers

When running PC/ALM, the service should be started on the following machines:

* Performance Center Servers
* Performance Center Hosts
* Standalone Load Generators

It is required for the following IUSR_METRO related tasks:

* Adding the Performance Center Server,
* Adding a Host,
* Starting a test run,
* Collating,
* Analyzing,
* Rebooting,
* Installing a patch,
* Reconfiguring

I hope this helps

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Answered on July 23, 2019 10:30 pm

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