Moved DB to a new DB in ALM 12,53 and not having issues getting site admin working on the new DB?
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  We have moved all the associated ALM specific and project schemas from the original ALM DB instance and relocated them to the new instance.  When we restarted the services, removed the projects,  edited the dbid.xml files from those projects and then restored the projects all came up and is running but we are seeing a strange PCLab error appear in the log files.  When we attempt to shut down the old instance then the projects and entire services stop working and we can’t reach the ALM server anymore as it says is it unavailable.  


What have we missed as the documentation doesn’t really cover this instance directly so we had to read and decide on the path to follow,


What should we be doing or have we missed?



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Asked on October 25, 2021 10:19 am
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Hello HomerJ,

What it appears may have happened is that the qcsiteadmin_db although moved was never edited to point to the new dB instance and as such it has been using the original one on the original DB instance and was never pointed to the new instance on the new DB instance. You would have had to edit the siteadmin.xml within the deployed WAR file in order to point to the new DB and new qcsiteadmin_db instance.  Then you would restart the services and that file would tell the services to look for the new instance and connect to it.  Since it appears that you haven't pointed to the correct one your options are to stop services and edit the siteadmin.xml file or rerun the configuration wizard.  The easiest and least chance for issues arising would be to rerun the configuration wizard and keeping the current settings (it will just pre-populate the defaults with information and allow you to change things you may require during the wizard actions.  When it asks, select the option from the drop down "connect to existing/second node" for the siteadmin file.  Complete the wizard and the changes should be made and the configuration updated by the wizard and the services started.

Once everything completes you will more than likely have to re-edit your dbid.xml file entries as the cached information in the qcsiteamdin_db projects table information will differ and when you try to remove the project it may update that information. Once all the information is correct and pointing all resources to the new DB instance the PClab error should go away and the original DB can now be removed from the DB Servers tab (it will not allow you to remove it if there are still connections or references made to in within the system but if none exist it can easily be removed).


Hope this helps,


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Answered on October 25, 2021 10:32 am

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