“Unable to connect to ALM server” error in Excel with ALM

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  WE are having the following issue for several users. “Unable to connect to ALM server” error appears while connecting to the server from excel add-in when attempting to import test cases.
We have tried uninstalling and installing the add-in and registering the client and the connectivity add-ins through the tools menu at the cabin level.  Nothing has seemed to work, although we have some users that it is working without issue.  This is after our upgrade from ALM12.53 to ALM 15.5.1.

Each user has gone and downloaded the Excel add-in from the marketplace and some work and others don’t.  What could be the issue?



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Asked on October 25, 2021 10:02 am
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Hello HomerJ,

I have seen this issue before and I would suggest that you check the version of the add-in against the version of your Excel (go to the about screen and verify if you are using the 64 bit version or 32 bit version) version.  Your add-in version must match the bit version of your Excel as well as your ALM version has to be supported,  It is possible since each went and got their own add-in that those with this knowledge have installed the correct bit version and those unaware installed the incorrect version.


I have seen that the 64 bit Excel version was being used and the 32 bit version of the Add-in was installed.  It installed correctly and says it was active in Excel but it couldn't connect correctly as it was differing bit version.  You can only have one Excel add-in installed at a time so I recommend uninstalling all Excel add-ins and then check your Excel version on the about screen and if it says 64 bit then install the X64 version of the add-in and if it says 32 bit or has no bit version listed then install the x86 version of the install and retry to use the add-in.  If it doesn't work then register the client and the install the connectivity add-in through the tools menu found on the qcbin landing page for ALM.


Hope this helps,


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Answered on October 25, 2021 10:10 am
We did as you said and the wrong bit version of the add-in was installed. Installed the correct one and all is working normally again. Thanks.
( at October 25, 2021 10:11 am)