NeoLoad 2023.2 not working as except when doing a ‘Validate a User Path’
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I am having an issue where the Validate a userpath user path is not failing in the same place as the Course video ( Solution Video 01b – Validate a User Path) or my co-works. We have determined that this issue IS NOT due to the training materials being for Version 8.2 and we are using a version 2023.2

SEE PICTURE pic1myneoload

I am following the training outline in the Tricentis Academy courseTricentis NeoLoad Fundamentals – Testing application performance (

  • Exercise 01b – Validate a User Path
  • Solution Video 01b – Validate a User Path
  • Lesson 03 – Learning Objectives Checklist

When I Validate the userpath the error is appearing at step 8 “Proceed to Checkout”  not step 4 “select category” as expected

SEE PICTURE pic2coworkersneoloadworking

Thus all the following steps in the course outline and video don’t line up and the error on step 8 “Proceed to checkout” does not get fixed.

This Picture shows what my co-work is getting in her NeoLoad machine. This is what the training material/video is showing.


  • NeoLoad  2023.02
  • Jpetstore app is install of the same server. (server name: TN_JPET_APP)
  • Windows 2016 (with all windows update as of 16SEP2023)

Please advise as to how to fix the issue so I can complete the NeoLoad training

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Asked on October 6, 2023 10:35 am
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This issue is being caused by the name of the of the Server (TN_JPET_APP) not being DNS friendly.


NeoLoad does not replay userpath properly, if the Application Under Test (AUT) is installed on a server that has a Server Name containing underscore _ within the Server name.


The solution is

  • Changing the AUT Server name to the server IP address (in NeoLoad)
  • OR
  • Rename the AUT Server, example: From TN_JPET_APP to TN-JPET-APP or TNJPETAPP (recommended)


According to Microsoft, Windows Server names should be:

  • Alphanumeric ASCII characters (letters A-Z and numbers 0-9)
  • Can use some special characters _ - #
    • You cannot use the following characters in a NetBIOS name:
      • period (.)
      • backslash ()
      • forward slash (/)
      • colon (:)
      • asterisk (*)
      • question mark (?)
      • quotation mark (“)
      • less than sign (<)
      • greater than sign (>)
      • vertical bar (|)




  1. Although numbers are allowed, you can’t have a NetBIOS name that only contains number (e.g. 1234567) due to a DNS restriction.
  2. Although underscore ( _ ) can be used in a NetBIOS name, it’s not allowed in a DNS hostname so your computer will fail to communicate on the Internet.
  3. Although hyphen (-) is allowed in a NetBIOS name, I don’t recommend it.

Best to use ONLY alphanumeric ASCII characters (letters A-Z and numbers 0-9) and to start with a letter as the first character.

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Answered on October 6, 2023 11:05 am
THANK YOU!! Once I change the server NT_JPET_APP to the server's IP address that fix the problem and now NeoLoad is finding the error in the expected location (step 4 'select a pet category'). I9 did also try change the Server's Name for NT_JPET_APP to NTJPETAPP, to verify it really was the Server Name causing this issue. Yes, this issue was due the a bad server name (DNS) even with NeoLoad and Jpetstore both installed on the same machine.
( at October 6, 2023 11:16 am)

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