NV Insights Report not be created after replay in VuGen
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The NV Insights Report are not being generated after replaying a script in VuGen, version 12.56. What could be some possible causes?

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Asked on April 25, 2018 1:21 pm
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To troubleshot the NV Insights Report not being generated after replaying a script in VuGen, version 12.56, see below the following causes:

*The NV Insights Report is not supported for WinINet replay mode (set for a Web Vuser in Replay > Runtime Settings > Internet Protocol > Preferences > Advanced). In some instances, it is possible to modify a script that requires WinINet to run, to enable the script to run without WinINet.

*The NV Insights Report cannot be created if several instances of VuGen are running at the same time

*The NV Insights Report supports only IPv4 network traffic-not IPv6.

*The NV engine permits the following characters in transaction names: a-z|A-Z|0-9|.|,|#|_|-|'
Any other characters in transaction names are replaced by the character <-> in the NV Insights Report. (The original transaction name will still appear in the LoadRunner Analysis reports.)

* In order to distinguish transactions with the same name, during the merge process the NV engine drops all characters in the transaction name that appear after three consecutive underscores (''___''). Do not use three consecutive underscores in transaction names.

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Answered on April 25, 2018 1:22 pm

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