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We recently upgraded to our ALM-PC environment to version 12.60. We did also upgrade our servers to Windows Server 2016 and our Oracle database to a supported version for ALM. When we log into Performance center Administration site-> Projects, we do not see any of our projects listed. However, when we log into Lab Management, under the Projects, we do see all of our projects listed. What could cause this issue?

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Asked on April 29, 2019 2:39 pm
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On the Performance Center server(s), a 32-bit Oracle client was not installed to connect the Performance Center server(s) to the ALM Oracle database.

As per the Performance Center installation guide, page 28:
''If you are working with an Oracle database, ensure that the Oracle client is installed on the Performance Center server (with Administrator installation type), and that connectivity has been established with the Oracle server. Ensure that the tnsnames.ora file contains the same TNS entry for the source and target database server.

Note: You must install the 32-bit Oracle client installation, even though you are running the Performance Center server on a 64-bit operating system.''

The Version of Oracle is dictated by ALM, thus the supported versions of Oracle for ALM 12.60 are the following:
* Oracle 12.1.x
* Oracle 12.2.x

The Oracle client that needs to be installed on the ALM server and the PC server, is dictated by what version your ALM Oracle database is. To obtain the Oracle client download, you will need to reach out to Oracle, or contact your DBA.

After installing the 32-bit Oracle client on the Performance Center server, please do the following:

* Restart the ALM service on the ALM machine
* Restart IIS on the Performance Center Machine, or reboot the server (Oracle client installation may need a reboot)
* Log into Performance Center Administration
? Check if the projects are visible, in the

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Answered on April 29, 2019 2:43 pm

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