Promote Smart Repository Cleanup not working
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We are in the process of moving our ALM to a cloud server. One of the projects has a repository file that over 60 GB and taking forever to upload to the cloud. We cleared out all the old test runs from the project and clicked the promote repository cleanup button. The size of the repository has not gone down. Is there something else that I can do?

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Asked on August 2, 2019 6:24 pm
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Files not being immediately deleted on the file system is by design to provide a means of backing up the repository in the event an inadvertent deletion took place. 7 Days after a file is deleted the record in the SMART_REPOSITORY_LOGICAL_FILE is deleted which then results in the file being deleted from the file system. Mind that this 7 day wait provides a means of recovering the data if an inadvertent deletion took place AND a recent backup of the project's database/schema was taken before the deletion took place.

Hasten deletion of the files from the file repository by logging into the Site Administration, select the project in question, then click the Promote Repository Cleanup, then wait a few hours. This marks the records in the SMART_REPOSITORY_PHYSICAL_FILE for deletion.

If you want to see what files on the repository will be removed...


Then click on Promote Repository Cleanup a second time and wait. The records marked for deletion in the SMART_REPOSITORY_PHYSICAL_FILE will be deleted along with the file in the file system.

You can also change the frequency that the repository is cleaned using a Site Parameter however, keep in mind that this will also means that if files are deleted you do not have the 7 days to recover them like you would by default.

This parameter defines the time interval in days between cleaning processes of each project repository.
Set a value in days between 1 and 28.
If the parameter does not exist, ALM scans project repositories once every seven days.

***In the case of an critical disk space issue the following can be used however do so with caution...***

1) Deactivate the project via the Site Administration
2) Backup the project's file system and project database/schema while the project is inactive.
3) Delete files using the ALM GUI, Test Runs Deletion tool (in QTP)
4) Issue the following query...

delete from SMART_REPOSITORY_PHYSICAL_FILE where SRPF_ID not in (select srlf_physical_id from SMART_REPOSITORY_LOGICAL_FILE)

5) Once the query is complete, right click on the Project > Maintain Project > Realign Repository
This will take the project offline and the file deletions will be immediate will be complete when the Realign Repository function completes; this may take some time.
6) Activate the project

***Mind that this process should be used with caution as we recommend using the process of using Promote Repo Cleanup or by adding the Site Configuration parameter (above)***

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Answered on August 2, 2019 6:28 pm

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