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I have a previously working LINK and I added a new field to QC (endpoint 1) that I am mapping to a similar field in my endpoint 2.

When I try to do a value-map of the list items for my field, the list of values is not complete – only lists 30 or so of them and I have 100 list items.

What is happening?

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Asked on July 7, 2014 9:50 pm
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The ''official'' maximum for the number of list items read by the QC-Synchronizer server is 50, but there is an undocumented and **un-supported** way to increase the number beyond 500 to , say 80 (no directions given here). HP sets limits on the maximum number of list items read by QC-Synchronizer for performance reasons.

You have 3 solutions to the issue:

1) PREFERRED: ''Weed-out' your list to 50 or less and don't allow additions. Then you can do your ''explicit'' value-maps between the various pairs of values between Endpoint1 and 2.

2) Also preferred, but could cause issues if values not IDENTICAL: Don't do ANY value-mapping and make BOTH LISTS EXACTLY THE SAME. You can do ''implicit'' mapping, but this expects BOTH endpoint's list-item list to be EXACTLY the SAME - even case sensitive. It will work with long lists, but the QC and Endpoint2 Admin's need to stay on top of any changes and communicate about them. Any mismatched value that tries to sync will fall the pair.

3) Contact your QC-support and ask how to change the ''PostgreSQL parameter MAX_VALUES_LIST_FIELD to a larger number''. this is NOT supported and you may have trouble getting the directions/various passwords, etc. Hint: ask them how to restore a backup of your QC-sync/Postgres DB.

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Answered on July 7, 2014 9:58 pm
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Alternate solution - just copy the **STRING value**

Consider the possibility that the users in the ''other'' tool really do not need to change the value, but might just need to know what it is.

If the bi-directional field mapping is not really necessary (often it really is not), you can just create a STRING field in the ''other'' tool to hold the current value of what is selected from the long list field.

So if we have a QC list field, say called ''MyList'' with 500 items and in Endpoint 2 we do not NEED to set the value but only know what it is, we can create a STRING field called ''QC-MyList'', for example.

We can then create a one-way QC-EP2 map from MyList to QC-MyList.
During Sync, it will just populate the QC-MyList field with the string equivalent of what was selected in QC for MyList.

This technique also works well for USER fields when you do not want to (or can't) make the user list the same or have too many users (more than 50).

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Answered on May 16, 2017 4:09 pm