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We have QC version. My understanding is that our QC Enterprise version does not support template linking. That means if I update the template, those same changes would be automatically pushed to a linked QC projects. But our version doesn’t support template linking. I can still create a template based on a project but the updates won’t be pushed out. 1) Can you confirm what I say is true?

My question is based on using the template. When I open the custom Workflow script from the "Customization" window in QC, I get the prompt to convert my workflow scripts. Since Wee don’t have template linking, I think I should always so "No, don’t convert." I want to know if I should convert and if I did convert, would those changes reach all the projects based on that template.

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Asked on February 1, 2018 1:28 am
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Yes, you can still create a template in the Site Admin if you are using a QC Ent license. You can also link the template to projects however, you will not have the Cross Project Customization option under Project Customizations so you will not be able to push the customizations to the project.

According to the referenced article KM494331 (attached) when you create a template from a project the workflow from the project will go in to the project workflow not the template workflow. If you had the ALM version of Quality Center when you tried to push out the customizations from the template only the workflow in the template_ scripts would be pushed out. So in that case you would want to run the tool to move the workflow to the Template_ scripts. Since you have QC Ent when you create a project from a template you would get both the Template_ workflows and the Project workflows. QC Ent checks for the existance of the Template_ workflows first and if they are not there the Project Workflows are run.

My advise would be to click No to the option to run the Convert Tool. This will keep all the workflows in one place and help with troubleshooting any issues that you might have with workflow. If you upgrade to the ALM version later, you would what to run the tool to allow the Cross Project Customization to keep the project customizations in sync.

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Answered on February 1, 2018 1:29 am

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