Recent Visits section in project copy still displays links from source project that do not work.
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Hello. We have discovered that when we create a new project by copying some of the customization from an existing project, the links in the ‘Recent Visits’ section of the ‘My Work’ tab on ‘My Homepage’ are brought over from the source project, but they do not work. When any of the links are clicked, the user is taken to the respective module, but the grid is empty, and the following error occurs…

Error that displays in the UI:

Item does not exist.


Error that displays in the QC logs:

The field ‘value’ [CSET_VALUE] of entity ‘common-setting’ [COMMON_SETTINGS] is not editable.

Client type: Application Lifecycle Management Client UI


Here are the steps to reproduce the issue…

-Create a copy of a project using the following selections…

-Create a project by copying data from an existing project

-Select the source project

-Select the following…


–Users and Groups

–Dashboard Private Entities

–Private Favorite Views

–Mail Conditions

–Alerts and Follow Up Flags

-Once the project has been created, access the ‘My Homepage’ module

-Select the ‘My Work’ tab

-Click any of the links listed in the ‘Recent Visits’ section

I appreciate any information you can provide regarding this issue. Thanks!

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Asked on June 21, 2023 11:47 am
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Hello. I have experienced this issue before, and I received the following workaround from OpenText to fix this issue. I have also asked if OpenText plans to address this issue in any future release. Please follow the steps below to clear the links displayed in the ‘Recent Visits’ section.

-Create a backup of the project in case any unforeseen issue occurs.
-Access Site Administration and locate the affected project.
-Expand the project and locate the COMMON_SETTINGS table.
-Run the following query in the COMMON_SETTINGS table:

WHERE CSET_ID >= '1001'

-Log into the affected project.
-The data should no longer be displayed in the 'Recent Visits' section.

I hope this helps!

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Answered on June 21, 2023 11:48 am

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