Schema Differences were found error during project version upgrade in ALM?
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  We have the following:  When upgrading projects, the projects we’re unable to upgrade from v12.5 to v15.01 as we are getting this error: Schema differences were found. We ran the repair and it still didn’t fix the issue.
There are 5 projects (out of our 87) that did not complete the upgrade. The same error exists for all 5 projects and we are hoping that what we do to fix one project will fix the other 4 as well.

We have found the following in the QCverifyreport: The following is the error:

Schema Problems that can not be fixed by repair tool
Describes schema problems that must be fixed in order for the Upgrade tool to run. These problems cannot be fixed by the Repair tool.
# Type Problem Element Comment
1 column type changed VER_CTRL.VC_OBJECT_TYPE Expected: int, found: decimal

We are unsure how to proceed with this as the repair didn’t fix it.

Thanks in advance,


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Asked on October 26, 2020 11:26 am
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Hello HomerJ,

Not all errors and issue can be fixed by the repair tool.  Generally when you run the maintenance verfiy tool, it will report if it found errors and if those errors will be corrected by the repair tool or will require manual intervention to repair. This must be the case with your issue that the tool cant repair the issue and it must be manually repaired.  First I would recommend that appropriate backups are taken and in place before attempting any change of the schema as a precaution.

For your issue the reported error from the file is as follows:

the table: VER_CTRL has column VC_OBJECT_TYPE set to decimal currently when integer value is expected.

In order to correct this you will need to have your DBA change the default setting from its current state of decimal to the expected value of integer (int).

This will fix this schema error but you will need to see what the other 4 projects are reporting and adjust the schemas manually as you have with this one.


Hope this helps,


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Answered on October 26, 2020 11:33 am

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