”specified cast is not valid” error message after ALM 12.21 patch 6 to patch 7 upgrade
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While creating new test script receiving error message mentioned in subject.

Currently I did patch 7 upgrade in Dev and Val.
Prod is still not patched and it is on old patch6.

On the same client machine with same internet explorer when prod environment

is is accessed and test script is created,issue is not occuring , but issue is occuring while trying to create any test scripts by acessing Dev and Val env.

Could you please assist me on how to analyse and correct this issue?


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Asked on April 25, 2019 7:49 pm
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Looks like issue is definitely with ''OTAClient.Core.dll'' and not with the workflow script.
In ALM 12.21 patch 6 its size is 773 KB , where as in ALM 12.21 Patch 7 its size is 765 KB.
As part of my trouble shooting steps, I replaced the problematic Patch 7 ''OTAClient.Core.dll'' with Patch 6 ''OTAClient.Core.dll'' in ALM userprofile location i.e. ''C:Users<<>>AppDataLocalHPALM-Client<<>>
Post that, issue did not occur in Patch 7, test script creation is not leading to ''Specified Cast not valid'' error message. Having identified the root cause, could some one assist what needs to be done next , to arrive at a acceptable solution that can be deployed on to all user machines.

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Answered on May 7, 2019 9:28 am

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