Sprinter is installed, but I am receiving a message that it is not installed on my machine
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Hello. I have a user that is receiving an error message indicating that Sprinter is not installed on their machine. I have verified that it is installed on their machine, and it can also connect to ALM. I am currently using ALM v12.21 Patch 2 with Sprinter v14.03. Can you assist me with this issue? Thanks!

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Asked on July 31, 2018 3:10 pm
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According to the Product Availability Matrix for Sprinter v14.03, you will either need to be using ALM v12.21 Patch 6 or above to support this version of Sprinter, or downgrade to a version of Sprinter that supports ALM v12.21 Patch 2. I have listed the Sprinter versions below that support the different versions of ALM v12.21. I hope this helps.

- Sprinter 14.03 - ALM 12.21 Patch 6
- Sprinter 14.02 - ALM 12.21 Patch 5
- Sprinter 14.01 - ALM 12.21 Patch 4 or higher
- Sprinter 14.00 - ALM 12.21 Patch 3 or higher
- Sprinter 12.54 - ALM 12.21 Patch 3 or higher
- Sprinter 12.53 - ALM 12.21 Patch 2 or higher

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Answered on July 31, 2018 3:24 pm
Rolling back to Sprinter v12.53 resolved the issue. Thank you for the help.
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